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    SEO Strategy & Services

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a major component of any successful digital marketing effort. A well-optimized website provides a solid platform for all your digital marketing campaigns, and high rankings in search has powerful brand value. A great SEO plan can give you a powerful competitive edge. SEO consulting services include:

    SEO Strategy Development – SEO has become a complex discipline. You need to study the market, the keywords, the competition, and decide how and where to invest to maximize your ROI.

    On-Page SEO Audits – A comprehensive analysis of the SEO fitness of your site, with detailed recommendations for improvement.

    Keyword Research – Mapping your keyword space is a critical part of a complete program. This goes beyond just figuring out what people are searching on, but also includes diving in and finding out what the ebst opportunitise are for you, and mapping that into your overall site content strategy.

    Competitive Analysis – You need to look at the bigger picture, and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the optimization strategy of your competitors. Competitive audits help you discover new opportunities, as well as the most vulnerable part of your competitor’s strategies.

    Website Redesign SEO Services – Don’t let mistakes in a website redesign process tank your SEO traffic. Make sure you have an STC SEO expert at the table before you start the process of redesigning your website.

    Link Building – Many think that this has become a bad practice, but done the right way, link building can help raise your visibility on the web. With a holistic approach designed to put you in front of your target audience across the web, you can drive great results.

    Content marketing – is a powerful way to raise your online visibility. We’ll help you develop a holistic approach to publishing great content on your site and/or supplementing that with off site publishing and promotional activities that will drive great results.

    Mobile SEO Services – We’ll make sure you’re well optimized for mobile search, as the majority of searches are now done from mobile devices.

    Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) – Any robust mobile strategy should also give consideration to AMP. We have extensive experience in working with AMP, and in helping companies develop create effective AMP strategies that drive strong results.

    Penalty Recovery Services – If you’ve been notified that you have received a penalty, you’re in a world of hurt. We offer rapid response services that will help you address the issues quickly and effectively, and get that penalty removed.

    SEO Training – Building a strong foundation of SEO knowledge inside your organization is critical to success. We’ve trained the many of the world’s largest brands, and helped take their internal capabilities to the next level.

    Local SEO – Use our Local SEO Services to tune up your local presence so that information about you online is accurate, and potential customers can easily find you.

    SEO Advisory Service – Don’t make critical SEO decisions without first consulting with an SEO expert.

    Due Diligence Audits – Don’t buy a website or a company without knowing if there are problems with their web presence. Our audits will let you know before you spend your hard-earned money, what the true value of their website is, as well as what the upside opportunities are.

  • Social Media Advertising Services @ Funnel Fox Team

    Social Paid Ads

    As organic reach on social media continues to decrease, your greatest opportunities lie in laser-targeted, optimized paid social advertising and promotion, such as Facebook advertising, Twitter advertising, LinkedIn advertising and others. Identifying the right target audience and setting up optimized campaigns to reach them is complex. Getting either of those wrong is wasteful…and expensive.

    How Funnel Fox Can Help

    Funnel Fox’s experience and expertise can help you reach your optimum audience at the lowest cost. Our extensive experience with paid social media campaigns means you are never starting from scratch. We know how!

    Quickly find the audience you want.

    Set up the targeting that will reach them.

    Optimize to reduce your cost per action.

    It’s just as important to deliver the right message. Funnel Fox will help you craft effective content and ads for each audience segment. We then apply a scientific approach to testing your messages, monitoring analytics carefully to evaluate which content is performing best. Through our expertise we are able to:

    Deliver content and messaging designed specifically for your prospects.

    Optimize continuously based on message testing.

    Increase exposure and conversions with far less waste.

    Our Social Media Advertising Services will:

    Expand your brand reach on social media.

    Zero in on your target audience on social media.

    Create exactly the right message for every prospect.

    Use your budget wisely and increase overall ROI.

  • Keyword Research Services @ Funnel Fox Team

    Keywords Onsite & Offsite Must Match

    Knowing the right keywords to target is at the heart of SEO effectiveness. Keywords are the essential meeting point between a searcher’s query and your website. Before you can begin any serious effort at improving your search rankings and traffic, you must know which keywords are most important for you to target and which ones will make the biggest difference to your business goals. Your keywords set the direction for the content you need to create to attract the right visitors (and prospective customers) to your site. So getting your keywords right is not only essential to good SEO, it’s imperative for meeting your business goals.

    Our Keyword Research Services will:

    Analyze the effectiveness of your current keywords.

    Evaluate successful competitor keywords using our proprietary Backlink Profiler.

    Determine the keywords you should be targeting for your business goals.

    Prioritize your keywords to maximize your chances for success.

    Monitor the performance of your keywords, recommending new opportunities.

  • Website Redesign SEO Services @ Funnel Fox Team

    Onpage Optimisation @ It's Core

    A website redesign is a great way to breathe new life into your brand. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to downgrade or even destroy the search engine authority of your site in the process. Funnel Fox has assisted many clients over the years in successful transitions to new site designs while preserving their search engine authority, saving our clients many millions in the process.

    How Funnel Fox Can Help?

    Funnel Fox will carefully guide you through the delicate task of maintaining the value of your site as seen by the search engines.

    We’ll crawl the existing site with our proprietary SEOCrawlTM tool, review your analytics and Search Console data, and analyze your site structure in detail. We will help ensure proper redirection of your URLs and assist you through the update of your site from start to finish.

    Our Website Redesign SEO Services will:

    Maintain your hard-won SEO authority.

    Prepare a detailed plan for the redirection of your URLs.

    Ensure a smooth transition to your new site design.

    Provide all stakeholders in your organization with critical SEO information.

    Pressure-test your new design and architecture for SEO, before the site is live.

    Test the site after relaunch to verify success.

  • Smart Sales Funnels @ Funnel Fox Team

    Sales Funnels Are The Future

    What Is a Sales Funnel? - A sales funnel is “a series of steps designed to guide visitors toward a buying decision. The steps are composed of marketing assets that do the work of selling, like landing pages and email.” Building sales and lead generating funnels is time-consuming and takes many parts to make it work. But, just slapping any page or ad template up and hoping it’s enough to bring in business is a waste of time. Because… It’s Not the Page. It’s What’s on The Page That Matters. This Brings us to the Next Step which is Vital to make any Digital Marketing Process WORK? That Key is Know Your Audience??? Each component of your sales funnel has a purpose of nurturing your prospect along on their buying journey until they reach your order page with money in hand. Whether You are Selling A Product OR Providing A Service - Sales Funnels WORK like MAGIC. With A Close Rate Of 9/10 Customers that Enter Your Funnel.

    Ever feel like you’re doing everything you can to improve your conversion rate, but people just aren’t buying? You’re following all the best practices, like having a single call-to-action and using enough white space. You’ve got your content broken down into relevant areas that readers can easily scan and your offer is irresistible. Your form only asks for the bare necessities, yet you’re still not seeing the results that you want. Don’t worry, you’ve done everything right…

    Set-up-wise, that is. But, there’s more to conversion optimization than just page layout, form design and copywriting. In fact, very few companies even do this one marketing tactic, let alone do it right. The one thing is: lead nurturing.

    Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Kevin, I already do lead generation! That’s not my problem! They’re not clicking! They’re not converting!” But, therein lies your problem. Your customers aren’t some mass-produced assembly line commodity and that’s exactly how “lead generation” approaches them.

    If I were treated like some cookie-cutter-stamped thing instead of a person, I wouldn’t be giving you my business either.

    Lately, online marketing and sales funnels have been gaining a lot of traction among entrepreneurs, marketers and salespeople, and they should be — they work like magic. .


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